Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Shall I Wear Today? - romance in the park

To everyone and anyone reading this - I have been absolutely terrible with my blog maintenance; I have been so out of touch it is ridiculous. However, I do have an excuse, whether it reasonable or not, here goes: After much deliberation I have been saving up for brand new camera, because after looking at the quality of my photos on my blog, I really wasn't happy with them, and I did not want to post further photos with such shocking quality. I finally have my beautiful little camera now - the Sony WX10 and she is beauuuutiful!
Thus I no longer have an excuse not to post on my blog!

The outfit in this post was taken in beautiful park I had no idea existed, even though I've driven past it hundreds of times in Claremont, Cape Town.
It makes fort the most beautiful setting for outfit posts, so I will definitely be using it more in the future!

This is currently one of my favourite in-between-spring-and-summer outfits, and its got such a romantic feel to it; so girly, which I love :)
The pleated midi skirt is from Mr Price, the white cropped shirt from YDE, bag from China Town and bracelet from Woolworths.



  1. I just realized that your seasons are completely the opposite of mine...I have a pleated skirt but have yet to wear it. Great new pics!

  2. Thanks! You could definitely wear your pleated skirt with thick stockings and a cute leather jacket :) I love mixing the feminine and masculine together :) xxxx


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