Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Leggings Leggings Everywhere

I received a request to write about the ‘legging’ trend (YAY!): what to wear with them and how not to wear them. So here it is.

Leggings are either loved or hated. There is no neutral ground with this fashion item I’m afraid. Personally they are one of my favourite wardrobe items! If worn correctly, leggings can truly bring out that fashionista within.

Often the problem occurs because many women don’t actually know how to wear the legging look, and thus end up mismatching or simply wearing completely the wrong look for their body type. This in effect actually ruins this trend. However I do not believe there to be an age limit on leggings, as long as women are aware of their age and aware of their bodies (what does and doesn’t look good) then the legging look can work on most of us.

Wearing Leggings as a Substitute for Jeans

Much care needs to be taken with this look ladies, remember leggings are skin-tight – so, always remember, wearing something that ends mid thigh is downright unflattering and actually serves to make your thighs look larger than they really are. Also do not allow the top you pair with your leggings to end at the hips, it can be very unflattering.

Paired with a long cardigan  - beautiful!

Leggings with Shorts

This is where the ‘no mid thigh’ rule is allowed to be bent just a tad. When wearing shorts or skirts with leggings, it is ideal for the shorts/skirts to be about mid thigh – longer or shorter looks a bit odd. This look is perfect for the ladies who don’t like to show much skin, or for a more funky winter look.

Leggings with Boots

Leggings look great with ankle boots as well as calf length boots, however don’t go much higher than this unless you are very tall, because longer boots appear to shorten your body rather than elongate it (unless they are very high heeled).

Points to keep in mind

Sometimes we just have to accept that a trend isn’t for us, and let it go. For example if you are not particularly tall and rather curvy, leggings may not be for you. Longer, baggier (yet still feminine) tops are the best looks for leggings, paired with a cute pair of pumps or boots. PLEASE, stay away from lumo leggings girls; they are not flattering and best kept for the dress up parties!

Pairing leggings with a long tunic or extra length top and a long cardigan is great. Also a knitted long jersey paired with a waist belt and pumps is great for those chilly days.

Black is the most popular colour for leggings, as its slimming and thus very flattering to most body types. It is important to replace your leggings regularly, because once they start to get a bit bobbly or stretched out a little, the look no longer looks pretty and sleek, but tacky and sloppy.

Hope that helps ladies



  1. Great article. Now all I need to do is print and hand it out to all those women who are not following your blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. I'd like to hear more about wearing them with shorts. I'm 5'2 and very petite would it look good on me?

  3. I disagree on the point that high boots make you look shorter with the leggins compared to ankle boots. When I see these ankle boots - high heeled or not - this makes even the younger women look shorter.


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