Wednesday, September 22, 2010

14 Things Every Girl Should Have in her Wardrobe

I have done some research and compiled a list from various sources of the items every girl should have in her closet. Fourteen may be an odd number, but I think the list sums up what the essentials are to a tee. Let me know what you think!

1. Well fitted underwear
Ill-fitted underwear is the basis for a bad outfit. So get measured and get fitted girls. Also, don’t be afraid to spend!
2. Tank Tops
Tank tops are great fun. They can spice up your wardrobe as they come in some many different colours. They are affordable, versatile and very comfortable. However my favourite is the white tank paired with cute denim shorts, a great pair of sandals and a fun chunky necklace.

3. The White Shirt
Always a classic. Paired with a cute pair of denim shorts or jeans for the day and a pair of black pants for work.

Check out:
4. A Black Cardigan
This is high on the essentials list and very easy to wear. Throw it over a tank top for those cool summer nights. They can also be worn to work, a night out on the town or simply for lazing about eating popcorn on the couch on a girls night in.

5. A Winter Coat
A classic black coat is great over jeans, dresses etc. Perfect for those chilly winter days. Although don’t be afraid to have some fun: red, tweed and white coats are all great as long as they are properly tailored to fit.

6. The Little Black Dress (obviously).
The LBD is just one of those things that every girl has and if they don’t have one yet they are searching for one currently (or should be). The fact that many women in France base their wardrobe around this item, demonstrates its importance. This is the fashion staple that you always know looks great on you and can be glammed up with any number of accessories.
7. Skinny Jeans
The skinny jeans trend is here to stay. However, this is an item that you need to exercise some caution with. Skinny jeans actually serve to make you look shorter. If you are a little short, pair them with some sexy heels and you’ll be good to go.
8. Leggings
Yes yes, by know everyone knows I love leggings. Have a look at my post Leggings Leggings Everywhere to see the dos and don’ts of leggings.
9. Ballet Pumps
These sweet little shoes can complete any outfit and they’re oh so comfortable. I suggest having a black pair and then one brightly coloured pair, say in fuchsia pink or lime green. Have a look at Butterfly Twists website to see some great colours for affordable prices.
10. A Good Pair of Black Heels
The higher the better! Be they peep toe or closed toe heels, these are essential for a girl’s wardrobe. Black goes with basically anything and adds instant class to an outfit (provided your outfit has some class already, i.e. don’t wear a belt as a skirt).
11. The Big Bag
A must! And we all have our favourites!

12. Swimming Costume
Nothing can boost a girl’s confidence more that a well fitted swimming costume for the summer months. Don’t be shy to spend a good deal on a costume girls; whatever you spend will be worth it if you feel great. Take a look at my post on Summer Time = costume time - lets find the right swiming costume for YOU to find the right costume for your figure.
13. Sunglasses
The perfect way to spice up a summery outfit, and perhaps also a good way to hide the effects of a late night out. Your sunnies should also be UV protected, however that does indeed cost way more than the fun ones available on the side of the road for R30.
To soften a square jaw: buy round frames
To slim cheeks: buy square frames
My two favourite types of sunglasses are wayfarers and aviators (my next post will deal with the greatness of these two styles).

14. Belts Belts Belts
Skinny belts, waist belts, brown belts, black belts, vintage belts ... yes yes yes! Just have fun with them!
So girls, get shopping!

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