Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The ‘boyfriend’ jeans

This is a post just for Ash, who wants to try out the boyfriend jeans trend, but needs some info first J

Basically boyfriend jeans is a term that refers to a pair of jeans that are loose fitted and/or baggy, a bit longer than necessary and in effect actually makes them appear to have been borrowed from your boyfriend.

What and When to avoid boyfriend jeans
-          Don’t let them look sloppy, the point of them is to look lived in and not slept in ladies.
-          Keep the rest of your look simple, with a basic tee, and a brown belt perhaps.
-          If your are petite or have shorts legs this trend is best left alone because cuffed jeans actually make you appear shorter
-          However if you REALLY want to try them – buy straight-legged jeans or slightly more fitted.
The bonus of the boyfriend jeans over skinny jeans is that muffin tops are now absent; there are way too many people wearing skinny jeans who know they shouldn’t and you don’t have to flash the whole world when you bend down!
How to wear them
-          Cuff them: roll them above your ankles is you are wearing heels, otherwise just below if you are wearing flats
-          They can be worn with any shoes, be they ballet flats, sandals or heels. Boyfriend jeans are meant to show off your feet and ankles so avoid boots and All Star takkie vibes.
-          Keep your look relaxed as I said above. Its meant to be a very low maintenance look J

So ladies, who in and whos out J


  1. Hmmm... I'm short, but I'm also over the skinny jeans/too tight vibe, so maybe I'll try it out. You never know until you try I guess :)

  2. exactly :)
    Fashion is all about experimentation!


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