Monday, July 18, 2011

we love ~ pretty things

just some pictures that made me smile.....



  1. Wow..
    I love love love those tea cups. Im actually trying to find tea cups like that ♥♥

    Love your blog !!

  2. wow .. you're blog is great !

    keep the posts coming <3

    xoxo - Michelle (:

  3. thanks ladies, I have a couple of good posts in the making :) xxx

  4. Hello man - what shall we have for breakfast today?
    I tbink I go for some hot coffeef from McDonalds - because they got it man, they got it!

    Yeeah, rule it man, rule it.
    To day we must wear wellington and raincoat because the weather is so bad man, it is sooooo bad man - Oh, I need to cut down grass man, you see maaaaaan.....aaaaaaaaah - need to go to the toilet maaaaan, have a dump...

  5. WOW!! I love your blog :)
    Its amazing, the pictures are gorgeous.
    Keep the posts coming please!!!


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