Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Shall I Wear Today? - leopard, leather, frills & a splash of nature

I have been away for a week in Knysna visiting my mom. The weather was absolutely amazing, and even though it's winter time, we spent some amazing days outside.
I spent one special day being silly in the sun with one of my bestest friends. The Knysna Heads are one of the most beautiful pieces of scenery in Knysna, and a perfect photo backdrop for an outfit post :)

In a previous post which can be viewed here, I spoke about wearing leather jackets and adding a feminine touch to it with a flowy dress (which means we still get to wear our summery pieces in winter!)
I like this outfit because its so nice and bright which matches my mood in the lovely winter sunshine, but it's also warm enough to be comfortable throughout the day.
Also the scarf I've worn above is my new favour wardrobe addition - a leopard print scarf with a few touches of pinky-red which is emphasised my the colour of my dress, absolutely love it :)

Below are a few photos I snapped on a beautiful hike we went on in Robberg, Plett. It is about a four hour hike, and just the most amazing scenery....

Leather Jacket - Woolworths
Dress - Triple7
Tights and Pumps - Mr Price
Scarf - China Town


  1. wow what a beautiful place! The water is just gorgeous! I love your leather jacket...and I see that it's from woolworths? is that a department store? There used to be some here back in the day.

  2. It is a type of department store, they really have some great stuff :)


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