Thursday, July 14, 2011

What Shall I Wear Today? - velvet and chiffon

I have just gotten back from a wonderful run on the promenade in Sea Point, and it truly is another beautiful summers-day-in-winter in Cape Town today. This being said - of course the day called for shorts :) I paired my favourite pair of high-waisted velvet navy shorts with a cute chiffon blouse in navy and white. I then added a tan belt to compliment my tan moccasins (I hardly ever wear them, but they are so comfortable, I definitely need to get more use out of them).
I'm sure by now you all know I am absolutely in love with navy blue, it's just such an easy colour to wear, day or night, and looks sooo nice with tan accessories :)

high-waisted shorts by Velvet, YDE
chiffon blouse - Mr Price
tan belt - YDE
moccasins - HQ shoes

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