Wednesday, June 22, 2011

we love ~ UGG Boots

'UGG boots are the the shoe equivalent of comfort food for girls' - I find this SO true and just wish boys would understand! There is no better way to dress on a wintry morning by squashing your feet into soft and fluffy UGG boots - like slippers, but you can wear them in public! :)
However, I do not believe that is its okay to wear UGG boots with shorts, baggy track pants, skirts etc. They should ideally be worn with leggings or fitted jeans so as to counteract their 'scruffy' look :)

What do you ladies think? UGGS yes or UGGS no? :)


  1. I don't like the look of uggs (of course). But I have a pair I wear as slippers and sometimes when I just have to be comfy I wear them outside!

    Embracing Style

  2. i agree with what you've put above and also i love them! so comfy xx

  3. Suburb UGG Crochet Boot - This is one of ugg sale the more loved boots as a result of women and girls that are in very sheepskin boots cold environments during the winter.


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