Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One for the Boys

I received a request (ages ago) to write an article about items every guy should have in their wardrobe. I conducted a little bit of research and this is my list....

A brown belt
Brown or black with a fun buckle looks great with jeans.

A great pair of jeans
Be they Levi’s or Diesel or any other great pair of jeans, it is important that you spent that little bit extra so that you get the cut, the design and the fit that suits you best. Taking the easy route and buying a cheap pair of Mr Price jeans is just not the way to go. For most guys, jeans are a staple part of their everyday dress, so it’s worth spending that extra couple of hundred to look HOT for the ladies, (believe me, we appreciate it).
 Great tee shirts
Every guy has tons of tee shirts. But boys please put a bit more effort into the ones you wear. Note: the free tees you get from promos and gym contracts do not count, they are (majority of the time) not hugely attractive and generally either too big or too small. Tee shirts are not expensive and there are some awesome ones around with great graphics, so do some shopping – or get a girl to do it for you, and buy some rad tee shirts!

Button-down shirts

Boys you all need to own a range of buttoned shirts, they look great with jeans or under a blazer, and are just plain sexy J

The polo shirt
These are comfortable, and girls love them on guys. They can be worn as under a jacket or with shorts on the weekend. They are a classic look, but are also very modern. They come in great colours too like royal blue, deep greens, bright reds and yellows. These are also worth spending a little extra money on as they more you spend the better quality they will be, they’re a great investment and so it’ll be money well spent.
A sexy pair of sunglasses
Find a pair that suits you and stuck with it, you don’t necessarily have to stick with the trend either, as long as they look good on you you are good to go. (Although aviators are always a sexy choice).
Hope that helps boys J


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