Monday, October 11, 2010

1 x Jumpsuit Please!

I have been so lazy, and for that I apologize girls J
Okay ladies, before I go on and on and on about how much I want one... let me clarify something. The title of this post is actually a little off the mark. I say jumpsuit – you hear ‘romper’.
Jumpsuit, romper....? Huh?
Okay so simply: a jumpsuit is a ‘jumper with pants whereas a romper is a jumper with shorts.
The jumpsuit/romper is here to stay for 2010 and I’ve already snagged myself a vintage floral one from an amazing vintage shop in Observatory in Cape Town (next to Zion ant the end of Milton Street). I am now on the lookout for a strapless dark floral one, so keep your eyes open for me girls! J

Love Kourtney's floral romper!

A black piece is extremely flattering.

As Kristin knows too :)

The jumpsuit gives a tall, lean and slimming look – something we ALL want! Take a look at Jumpsuits and Rompers: How to Wear and Choose This Trendy Item for You to find a jumpsuit [romper] that will suit your body type and help you decide where to wear it.
Rompers were all the rage at Rocking the Daisies this year. Keep a look out for my next post on ‘Fashion at the Daisies’.


  1. I love how rompers look on skinny girls with a great belt and ankle boots or sandals but whenever I try them they make my hips look twice the size... sadness :( Some trends just aren't for everyone, i guess! x

  2. The idea of wearing a romper has been growing on me. maybe i should get one

  3. i've bought one and they are SO comfortable and versatile :)


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