Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Grooming

Good clean manicured nails are the perfect finish to a fabulous outfit. There’s nothing worse than seeing a well dressed ‘fashionista’ who has nails that appear to have been run through a shredder. GIRLS: don’t bite your nails, it starts to look tacky!
Having beautiful nails doesn’t mean they have to be long and painted; if that’s not your thing then simply keeping them clean, short and filed is perfect too. Well cared for nails means a well cared for person, and people notice these things, especially for job interviews where first impressions are important.

Today my friend Jessica and I had a special treat and went for a manicure at the Cape Nail and Beauty Academy for free. The girls there are lovely and easy-going, easy to chat to and a bunch of fun.

The Cape Nail and Beauty Academy has ‘client’ days on Fridays where their prices are hugely reduced! This is especially great for the tight-budgeted student as well as for special occasions where you want to treat yourself but can’t afford the full cost of a manicure/massage etc.

Sometimes if the girls need to complete a case study, the treatment will be given free of charge, as was the case for Jessica and I today.
Claire - she did my beautiful nails :)
The end result!

The Cape Nail and Beauty Academy’s contact number is 021 465 4542. It is located in Harrington street near Chevelle.

Give them a call, and finish off that great outfit!


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