Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Summer Time = Costume Time! Let’s Find the Perfect Costume for YOU

As opposed to breaking up swimsuit styles into body shapes such as ‘pear shaped’ or ‘hourglass’ etc etc. I decided to go with certain areas of the body that trouble each of us differently. I don’t believe that you fit into a certain category; each of us are different and one ‘pear shape’ can be vastly different from another! So this post focuses on big tummies, small boobs, big boobs, big bums and big thighs, i.e. any area of our bodies that we as women have love/hate relationships with.
Big Stomachs
Bold florals and prints will help to distract and disguise a larger stomach. Also avoid horizontal stripes and these appear to widen the body.

To hide a bigger tummy
‘Thunder’ Thighs
 Gosh, what an awful term! Anyway, the best way to deal with larger thighs is to draw attention to your other assets. High-cut bottoms and string-tied bottoms help create the illusion of longer legs.  Wearing a brightly coloured top or a top with bold prints and patterns can also serve to distract away from your thighs.

High-cut/String-tied bikini

Small Bust
Ladies you may feel you lost out having smaller boobs, but seriously: in the swimwear department, you come out on top as you can pretty much have any pick of the costumes available. Swimwear that is rich in detail such as frills, bows, patterns and textures work great for ladies with smaller busts. Lightly padded tops as well as tops with small detailed print serve to enhance you bust and make it appear fuller.
Ruffles add Volume

Big Bust
Support support support! For those of you with large busts, it’s all about (say it with me now): the SUPPORT! Drooping breasts are not something you want to see on the beach girls. Halter tops are great for larger busted girls as they provide ample support as well as emphasise smaller shoulders. Darker colours work well too. Avoid horizontal stripes as these widen the body; also avoid spaghetti straps as these accentuate top-heaviness.
Full Halterneck
Halterneck Bikini

Big Bums aka ‘junk in the trunk’ - Think Kim Kardashian ladies, she’s HOT!
LESS is most definitely MORE. By attempting to ‘cover up’ a big bum with more fabric actually serves to draw attention to it further. A smaller bottom that supports and shapes your bottom area is far better. BOY SHORTS ARE NOT THE ANSWER! Try high cut bottoms, bottoms with ties etc as these elongate the legs and don’t emphasise the bottom area.

Ladies the darker the costume, the more slimming the effect!
So ladies, now you know, so there’s no excuse BUT to look fabulous on the beach!

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