Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The 80’s are back – with a vengeance!

Now don’t hate me, judge me, or roll your eyes ate me, but yes ladies: the bodysuit is indeed back, and I love it!
So, for most of us born in the 90’s, we won’t remember – or even know – of this trend the first time it made onto fashion runways and shops all over the world. But it is here now, and from what I’ve gathered: you either hate it or love it; there’s no in-between on this fashion item girls.
The sheer lace and the ¾ sleeve body suits in black white or navy are my best, and as you have probably gathered by now I would wear them for a day out on the town paired with a hot pair of denim shorts (yes I do indeed wear my denim shorts A LOT).
Dark shorts or pants look better with detailed patterned/floral bodysuits. Whereas light denim looks great with monotone colours. Add a cute mid length chain necklace, heels or flats for a day and/or night on the town.

This look definitely isn’t for everyone. You do need to be relatively slim, as it is skin tight and will accentuate your tummy.
Let me know what you think girls!

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  1. lol cannot believe that its coming back! I remember my mom wearing them. Personally, I wouldnt wear it. Too much of an effort to take off when you need to pee.


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