Monday, November 29, 2010

Headbands and Hairpieces

Seen all over the cast of Gossip Girl, featured on Zoey Deschanel and who could forget: Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, this is the accessory of the season girls. Be they headbands, flower clips, hats or other decorative eccentric objects, these are the accessories that summer outfits cannot go without in 2010.

There are many different types of hair accessories in fashion today, hats, headbands, clips, pins, real flowers and fake flowers made from stones and fabric, hair combs, and hair extensions. These accessories add certain flair to outfits; they add that extra bit of class to a formal outfit or make a statement to a quirky outfit, or simply add a feminine touch to a flirty summer dress.

 A must have summer accessory girls, so get scouting!

Sitting Pretty (111 Long Street)  has some really cute bows going for R80.
Otherwise Accessorize has some pretty ones too.


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