Monday, December 6, 2010

A Designer of Choice for Kate Middleton

Who will design Kate Middletons wedding dress?
Obviously it has to be a dress quite literally fit for a queen as PrinceWilliam is second in line for the thrown which will make Kate the future queen of England when she marries. The wedding will be deemed the wedding of the century and there is no doubt that the dress Kate chooses to wear will go down in history.
Rumour has it that Bruce Oldfield will be the designer of choice. Personally I would love to see a more modern take on this wedding dress, as Kate is the face of the future for the royals and what better way than to make a statement at they royal wedding? Conservatively of course :)
My designers of choice? Vivienne Westwood, or Stella McCartney.

Vivienne Westwood designs

Bruce Oldfield Designs
What do you think girls? British tradition or a modern twist?

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