Thursday, December 16, 2010

shoes are actually rather important - who would've thought....

Okay, so I'm not really a 'shoes' kinda girl. I basically own one pair of slip slops from Mr Price, two pairs of heels and a pair of winter boots.
In summer it is basically guaranteed that you"ll find me in my Mr Price slops. I wear them to the beach, shopping, to lunch, to work ... you get the point.
So over the past few weeks or so, I have suddenly become really self conscious about them, and I've been feeling really sloppy. I dont know why its takes me so long to actually realise this, but shoes are truly and important part of any outfit. Don't get me wrong, I did know this, I just for some reason felt it didnt actually apply to me (yes, this is weird I know).
So today I went out and bought a pair of those elastic flats in black. And would you know it - they are SO comfortable and so much better for your feet than a R5o pair of slops!
A very similar shoe to the pair I bought. Gorgeous!
I now feel like my outfit is complete, I feel like I can walk out the door with pride and my feet will thank me later in life!
So do yourself a favour, take a look at your shoes, would you be happy in them you suddenly found yourself out with Kim Kardshian? If not, then perhaps its time to evaluate that shoe wardrobe of yours :)


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    THEY ARE AWESOME!! and you'll fall in <3


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