Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Christmas Wishlist...

Christmas time is undoubtedly the best time of the year. Its when families are reunited, there's happiness all around, there are parties, food and drink, there's laughter and of course presents. Now I'm not all about the presents, but they do play a big part of Christmas, when you can ask for something and actually have a chance of getting it. Yes, you know you feel the same :)
So here's my Christmas Wishlist for 2010...

1. DKNY perfume (Donna Karen, you rock my world)
2. A new pair of denim shorts - mine are literally disintegrating, but I CAN'T give them up, because they're levi's and have been with me for 7 years :( :(
3. Sky-high peep-toe heels (wont say no to Louboutins - a girl can dream cant she?)
4. Another playsuit/romper - who says 3 is enough??
5. An Oxford Hoody - thanks to Ash and Nev in Brussels this one may be a reality :) :) (So I'll never study there, who cares! ;))
6. Hairpieces,  Hairpieces,  Hairpieces - roses, daisies, feathers, bows, anything will make me happy. Hairpieces are too awesome right now :)
7. Chocolate - whats Christmas without it right?
8. Rayban Aviators - oh pleeeeeease can I!
9. a Gold bracelet set - the perfect compliment to an evening outfit.
10. a Puppy ( haha yes its true)

So this is my wishlist girls, whether you think its modest or over-the-top, it is what it is :) Let me know whats on your list this year, maybe I've forgotten something!

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