Friday, December 24, 2010

Over the Sea and Far Away

SO... My two closest friends - Nevena and Ashley have abandoned me over this festive season and taken up residence in Brussels.
Where I will be having a hot Christmas in Knysna, South Africa; they will be having the traditional 'White Christmas' overseas with temperatures below zero (can't say I envy you girls with regard to that).
While we in South Africa are spending our days on the beach and our evenings having sundowners outside, they are going ice-skating and visiting Christmas markets.
 Alex, another friend of mine is having an even hotter Christmas in Thailand this year.
It amazes me how different the same holiday is for those around the world. And how each country celebrates just that little bit differently.

Nevena having a White Christmas in Brussels
A sunny Christmas in SA
This is just a post to those all around the world to say a very Merry Christmas to you all. I hope that you get everything you've asked for, that your family time is precious and that you all reach your destinations safely.

a reminder to Ash and Nev --> Photos photos photos of clothes, accessories etc so I can fill up my blog :) I miss you both terribly and cant wait to hear all the news! <3

Merry Christmas ladies

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