Friday, February 11, 2011

CHALLENGE ... day 5 ... Sisterly Inspiration by the Sea (Part1)

Arrived in Knysna (along the Garden Route) and feeling so relaxed. Went out for breakfast this morning with my two oldest friends (aka sisters), was too lovely. Think: lattes, french toast.... too delish!

We had a mini 'photo shoot' after breakfast by the water, how beautiful is the setting? Much better than my bedroom, that's for sure.

I felt like going very casual and relaxed today. It was slighter cooler, thank goodness, and so I just threw on a light cardigan.
The cream cardigan is from Woolworths (I like buying the larger sizes for the 'boho' look), my very simple top is from Truworths from years ago, and those tatty denim shorts (that are barely there) are my 544 Levi's from about 7 years ago that I cropped myself (I know they are looking very worn out, but I cant bring myself to throw them away).
My earrings are from Sitting Pretty in Longstreet - I wear either earrings or a necklace, never both, hence the real simplicity of this outfit.
And my slip slops are from Mr Price :)

Don't you think Knysna is just too beautiful??


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