Monday, February 14, 2011

CHALLENGE ... day 8 ... Beach!

Today was about 33 degrees so I basically spent the day in the sea :)
So today I am uploading a photo of my mis-matched two-piece, and the dress I threw over when I was not in the water....

I love wearing mis-matched bikini's - I hardly ever buy a matching 2-piece. I paired this set together beacuse the little bit of pink in the bottoms matches the bright pink top perfectly!

My poor phone camera quality doesn't clearly show the colours of these bottoms, but they are much brighter. The print also has bits and pieces of glitter which sparkles in the sun :)

I still love my little leopard print dress - its so light and summery!

Paired agin with my favourite vintage belt ....



  1. i envy you to damn much right now! Nev =)

  2. But where are the photo's of you in your two piece? :) Looking good!


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