Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Makeup to Gym? An actual Workout?

I have been gymming a lot lately. And I am very interested to know your opinions on wearing makeup to gym.
I look around and some girls literally look like they have walked out of the salon - with perfect hair and perfect makeup, not a drop of sweat, sorry, perspiration, in sight.... oh right... this is AFTER their 'workout'.
Others look like they have just been dragged through a bush in a thunderstorm.
Now I for one struggle to look graceful or attractive at gym. I sweat, my hair doesn't do what I tell it to, I, in short are one of those girls who LOOKS like they've exercised.
SO it always interests me whether the girls that walk out of gym looking like a million dollars, with makeup still pristine, hair perfectly straight, actually do workout and break a sweat or whether they simply like to pretend they do.
I would love to get some feedback what other think about makeup at the gym and also whether these girls who look like a million dollars after a workout actually do...workout....?,
Its either finding out through readers, or by following these girls around the gym (which is kinda creepy)

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  1. Well if i go to gym straight from the office or somewhere like lunch then i do naturally have my make-up on.. but it is in no way near perfect, and by the end i look like a red sweaty (gleaming) tomato!! Maybe they are just there for the instructors and some Yoga?


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