Saturday, April 16, 2011

Outfit Post: FINALLY a night out :)

I finally had a weekend off from working at Tiger Tiger (as a bar lady), and so decided to have a big big party. My favourite place to party still happens to be Tiger, even though I do work there 3 nights out of the week. The music is great, the people are friendly and you are always guaranteed to know someone there :)

Since I haven't dressed up in a while, I decided to go a little girly, so I brought out my never-worn one shoulder dress from Wardrobe by Moth Clothing, my killer zebra print heels and the silver jewellery...

I love this outfit because its so simple, yet really chic at the same time. Its also really comfortable, which is a necessity when spending the whole night on the dance floor :)


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  1. i feel insecure commenting when it specifically says ladies....... but i gues my identity is safe. those zebra shoes dont suck.


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