Tuesday, April 12, 2011

One for the guys .... or the girls .... awesome new BLOG

"i DJ, i study, i blog, not really in that order. i do other stuff too, it will all get posted up. try not to take it all too seriously" .... a good friend of mine has just started his own blog too. His writing is great - witty, blunt, too the point... check it out for some great music tips, some laughs and all-round entertainment ----> the chunky hipster

PS ... I am sorry I have been so scarce lately, life is crazy (which is actually no excuse I guess).... there are some posts in the pipeline though... I have my Brazilian blow dry on the 21st April at 9am and apparently Levis are getting Levis Curve ID jeans in my size in the next week or so.... fingers crossed!

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