Sunday, May 1, 2011

High Tea .... The Outfit

Today I went with my family to the Mount Nelson Hotel for High Tea to celebrate my sisters birthday. Finally a chance to show off my zebra print heels :) I didn't realise how warm it was when I left the house this morning; I would have preferred to wear something more summery and chic, but being so tired after arriving home from work at 5.30am (please excuse how tired I look in the photos), I threw on some leggings and colour coordinated navy and black and dragged myself out to face the lovely day ahead.
I'm not actually 100% sold on the outfit, what do you think ladies, comments would be greatly appreciated :)

My next posts will involve the amazing food, the hundreds of different types of teas and the setting :)


  1. i love tea! that color is awesome and you look prettttty :)

  2. alasdair you chunkyhispster, she looks fkn amazing!


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