Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Shall I Wear Today? - Limbo ~ Summer?Winter?

Today it was warm in the sun, but icy in the shade, so I decided to supplement an otherwise summery outfit with stockings. This is not generally a go-to look for me, but I am trying to experiment more and more  with shorts and leggings , because its actually quite a versatile look for winter, instead of always wearing jeans, or leggings and longer length tops etc.
I would however have preferred this outfit to look a little bit smarter - I guess it really is time to give up my denim shorts and embrace a new pair that is actually intact.

 I love my brown vintage belt, its actually really heavy leather, and its so versatile :)
Black top - edgars, Stocking - Pick n Pay


  1. i also love your vintage belt! and noo you should keep wearing those shorts, lol.. they look Super duper cute like that! i need a few pairs myself :) i hope you have a great day love! happy hump day! muah!

  2. Cute! I am also from cape town :) but i have been livin overseas for the last couple of years

  3. Haha thanks Jamie, maybe for one more summer ;)
    Carlinn where ahve you moved to? I'm off to florida for six months in october, so excited! :)


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