Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Shall I Wear Today? - Stripes ~ and ~ Velvet

I went out for dinner with my three best friends last night, it was always the four of together at University, and we always had the best time - never taking things too seriously :)
The dinner last night was actually a farewell dinner, as my friend Alex has received a job opportunity and is moving - and we are so sad to see her go :( On the other hand - dinner was delicious! We had Nachos and Margarita's at Pancho's in Observatory, Cape Town. They unfortunately do not have a website to see thier menu or anything, but trust me - their small nachos are under R50 and could feed a small army :) Definitely the best mexican food and drink in the whole of Cape Town.

Four best friends :) Alex (far left is leaving us) :(
As you can see - I am loving my new high-waisted shorts; they're just so much fun to play with different styles!
Shorts - YDE
Striped boobtube - Mr Price
Scarf - Pick n Pay
Jersey - Woolowths
Bag - Woolworths
Belt - Vintage

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