Monday, May 2, 2011

High Tea .... The Setting....

The Mount Nelson Hotel is by far one of the most beautiful hotels in the whole of Cape Town if not South Africa. The grounds are beautiful and their buildings are very 'old colonial' - a description on their website: "Its romantic heritage recalls the days of great ocean liners and high tea on the veranda" epitomises the feel and atmosphere of the hotel itself. Its so quiet and peaceful, you honestly wouldn't know that you're actually deep within the city.

On the terrace

Our tea menu

I loved this quote, written as a heading within the menu :)

Autumn leaves <3

The swimming pool area

Our new friend :)


My brother, taking in the beautiful setting over the balcony of the terrace

Sitting outside on the terrace in the warm afternoon sun, sipping G&T's was honestly the most relaxed we have been in a while. Definitely a recommended experience if you are ever in Cape Town :)

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